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Feels is a new dating app with a TikTok-like experience

If you’re tired of the common dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge you might want to try our ‘Feels’.

We can’t guarantee a match but the experience could be different than other dating apps.

Feels differs from the other dating apps as it offers a Snapchat Stories-like interface instead of the usual swiping gesture, and you don’t match with other users.

You’re still swiping through profiles but the experience is more TikTok or Instagram Reels-like.

Feels portrays itself as “not a dating app” where people can have “natural, healthy and pressure-free interactions as easy as on social networks.” Feels shows a series of dating profiles that you can check out by swiping up on the app.

Like TikTok and other similar platforms, you can react to these profiles which are basically short videos and also photos of the user.

You can react with emojis, leave a heart, comment on the video, and open the profile to know more.

Feels also gives users more creativity control over their dating profiles.

The company says users can create “anti-boring profiles” on Feels.

So you have options to add stickers, text and media to your profiles. Feels also lets you add pre written questions to your profile.

The dating app comes with a premium plan as well, according to a report by TechCrunch.

You have to pay $9.49 ( ₹700 approx) for a week to access features such as going back to a profile, or a visibility boost for your profile.

Feels is available on Android and iOS, but the company’s focus is on the French market, the report added. The dating app has over 100,000 users currently.

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